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What to Consider When Choosing a Location for Wedding Reception

Wedding planning entails a lot of work and research, if you want to get all the details ironed out. However, you could not do extensive planning and preparation until you have chosen a location for your wedding reception. This is the most important part of the celebration since your guests will gather and dine at the reception to celebrate your marital union. But how do you select the most ideal spot for the reception? You have come to the right place as you will be getting tips on how to narrow down your options for the best wedding locations until you find the right one.

The Amount of Space

This is a practical consideration to make but your priorities vary depending on the type of wedding you want to have. For example, if you want an intimate wedding of less than 100 guests, then you can go for a more intimate wedding venue. But if you have a large party joining you on your wedding day, then you should opt for wedding locations that have a room large enough to accommodate your guests.

Upon examining the venue while its empty, you might be left in awe by the size. However, you have to consider that there are several elements that go into decorating your wedding reception venue – tables, stage, DJ table, buffet table, bar, etc. Make sure that you have enough space to accommodate all of these so the reception does not look too cramped.


This is the most important factor to consider when choosing a venue for most couples. If you value your privacy, then you have to look at this particular feature when evaluating various wedding locations. It does not have to be located at a secluded area. You have to focus on making sure that your wedding guests can party with you in private, or away from the sight of strangers or onlookers. A wedding is a special event that should be shared between your family and friends. Hence, the venue should also reflect the intimacy of the event.

The Wedding Theme

This is another important factor that will impact your choice of venue for the wedding reception. Do you like a garden wedding? A beach themed wedding perhaps? Depending on your answer to these questions, you have to choose a different location too. Aside from choosing a location that would best fit into your wedding theme, you should also consider your options when it comes to decorating the venue. How much space do you need? What kinds of decorative elements are you using to adorn the venue with?

There are more considerations that you would have to make in choosing a wedding venue: access to outlets, natural lighting, the available view, availability of parking spots, etc. The task of choosing a location for your wedding might seem straightforward at the start; however, these factors should all come into play when making your decision. This is to ensure that you can have a beautiful location that can accommodate everyone, too.

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