What to consider in a billiard stick purchase

The roots of the billiards can be traced to as early as the 12th and 11th century. Even 10 centuries later, the game is still as popular as ever. If you love playing pool and you live in NSW, Australia, you may be in for a treat. This is because Australia has plenty of pool tournaments with some places having them almost daily. The secret to winning these tournaments is to possess your own cue stick. This is because many players, especially those starting out in billiards tend to feel limited to using cue sticks availed by the billiards place where they play. Having your own is great and will boost your performance as you will not have to worry about things like adjusting the length, weight or even the diameter of the tip which is typical with cue sticks that are provided. While you still don’t have a cue though, it is important to experiment with the different cues made available in the place you play to find out the stick type you are most comfortable using. Below are some of the things that you will need to consider to determine the billiard stick that suits you.


billiard stick

Ensure the stick is straight

While most production cues are not crooked, you do not want to take any chances. You can check whether it’s straight by rolling the cue stick on a flat surface. If it’s crooked, you will tell immediately. Also check the butt end. Point the opposite end downwards rolling it severally. You will determine whether it’s crooked or not right away.

The weight and length

A typical billiard stick in NSW weighs about 18 to 21 ounces. A weight that is comfortable though is what you should go with as then it will guarantee you comfort handling it as you will be playing. When it comes to length of the stick, it should be relative to your arm length such that if you have long arms, then you will need a long billiard stick.

Diameter of the cue tip

Often the diameter of the tip of an NSW billiard stick varies between 12mm and 14 mm. Regardless, the diameter you choose should always be reliant on your preferences and comfort so you can get the most out of your game. The most important things to keep in mind though are to ensure that the tip is round and never flat.

On break and jump cue

A break cue is used for breaking balls, and jump cues are used for any other special shots. When selecting these, ensure their tips are bigger and lighter than those of regular sticks as this will increase the chances of making contact with the cue ball on your break. Also, unlike the regular cue, the tip should be a tad flatter to minimize the possibility of a miscue.

Above all, when making a billiard stick purchase, of importance is consulting the manufacturer on materials that are durable so that you can get the best billiard stick in NSW.