4 Initial Signs of Teenage Mental Illness

Time when people thought that mental illnesses are rare and only affect the older community members is gone. Teenagers have also become major culprits of mental illnesses in the modern world. Mental illnesses are diseases that trigger mild to severe disturbances in behavior and thought making the affected individuals unable to tolerate life’s routines and demands. Mental illnesses range from schizophrenia, dementia, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety disorders. When teenagers are developing mental illnesses, they show certain symptoms that indicate they need to be taken to any of the mental health hospitals Melbourne has to offer. These signs include:

Substance abuse

When you find that the teenager has started abusing drugs and other substances, you should be concerned as a parent. Most teenagers will indulge in drugs and alcohol when there is something disturbing or distressing them. Parents ought to know that teenagers who indulge in drugs and alcohol only make the situation worse than it was. Parents of such teenagers should find best mental health hospitals in Melbourne to get the problem identified before it worsens. Although some teenagers may get into drugs and alcohol through peer pressure, most of them take such substances to cope with a distressing situation.

Poor performance in school

Drastic performance in school indicates the child has a mental problem that needs to be urgently addressed. This would clearly indicate the child is not concentrating well in school for unknown reasons. Teenagers get distracted from the main objectives by some negligible things and issues while in school. But when such issues go unresolved, they develop into bigger problems that culminate to poor academic performance. Parents should not always buy the idea that such drastic performance change is due to exam technicalities and other minor excuses. Children who show drastic decline in academic performance should visit psychologists in the mental health hospitals Melbourne has today to help identify the real problem.


Living in seclusion is one of the conspicuous behaviors parents should find strange. It’s not normal finding a child who used to mingle with the rest of the family members or friends desiring to live in isolation. If you notice that nowadays the child just wants to take meals, walk, sleep alone or doesn’t want to talk to anyone, find out what the problem could be. Most people behave this way when something is greatly torturing their mind. Taking such a child to one of the reputable Melbourne mental health hospitals for assessment would be a great idea.

Neglecting hygiene and personal appearance

One of the indubitable indications that someone is developing mental illness is when they neglect their personal hygiene. This means they would stop brushing their teeth regularly and sometimes go for days without brushing. They would also find it hard to change some of their clothes and at times put on mismatched socks and shoes. This indicates a mental problem that requires urgent medical attention from any of the mental health hospitals Melbourne has today.

If one neglects the initial signs such as those mentioned above, the problem could become difficult to treat. If the parents identify that the cause of the mental problem is drug abuse, they can take the abusers to the rehab centers to control the problem before it exacerbates. Mental health can highly influence the state of one’s physical and spiritual health.